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About El-Hag & Associates, P.C.

Jordan El-Hag has spent his entire career fighting for the rights of working families. He began his career as a union organizer where he was responsible for helping hard working people secure better working conditions at their job. He has lead workers through numerous work stoppages, worked on picket lines, and organized campaigns designed to stop unfair companies and organizations from taking advantage and violating the rights of working people.

He rapidly advanced his career in the labor union industry. And was appointed president of his first labor union at the age of 25. He was responsible for ensuring the growth and enforcement of collective bargaining agreements. He has been the lead negotiator on behalf of union members in hundreds of negotiations against some of the largest corporations in the world. And has advised and guided his membership on strategies to improve their working conditions.

Jordan Conducting A union Contract Vote for a group of workers
Jordan Assisting workers on an economic strike
Jordan Advocating For Striking Workers

Later in his career, he was unsatisfied with the limitations that he saw many labor unions provided to their membership. This led him to complete his Juris Doctorate degree and Masters of Business Administration at Fordham University. Upon completion, he founded El-Hag & Associates PC, where he expanded his ability to fight for working families.

Since founding El-Hag & Associates, PC, he has represented labor unions and over a thousand individuals in all types of cases in State & Federal court. He has been certified by Federal Court as competent to represent individuals in class action lawsuits, which he has successfully litigated and settled. Countless individuals have come to El-Hag for guidance on their lawsuits. He has recovered millions since the inception of his firm.

However, Jordan’s real passion lies in educating and empowering working people. Helping people in need to learn about their rights and develop the personal power to build a better life gives him more meaning than anything else in his life. He regularly provides food to the homeless, donates backpacks and school supplies to children of families in need, gives speeches and seminars on employee rights, and has many other projects under way to improve the lives of working families.

As El-Hag & Associates grows, his vision is to provide much more than legal services. His vision is to provide working families with a trusted resource for all areas of the hard-working people around the world. He has a passion for assisting the Latin American community in the United States and Abroad. And has fought for the immigrant community since he started advocating for them when he began his career over 20 years ago.

Jordan And His Children buying school supplies for children I need.
Providing Turkeys on thanksgiving to hard working Immigrant Families
He has authored numerous employment law guides designed to provide easy to read employment law concepts to working families and community activists.
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