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Executive Compensation
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The attorneys at Jordan El-Hag & Associates, P. C. work to help employees of all backgrounds with legal issues related to labor and employment law, including litigation related to executive pay and more.

Upper management is the most powerful branch of an organization and is responsible for leading lower-level employees to success and guiding the company. Upper management is responsible for making qualified decisions that make sense for the company/organization, considering both short-term progress and long-term goals.
Executives who hold these critical, high-impact roles are paid with generous packages. These executive compensation packages include a mix of pay and benefits that compensate for their hard work, leadership skills, and vision.

However, in the past, employees at high levels of a company received more pay than others. However, shareholders scrutinize financial and non-monetary pay packages. They may not be willing to give the same executives the right to these former packages.

Some of the items that often make up executive compensation include:

  • Bonuses
  • Commissions
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Stock and Equity
  • Retirement benefits


Most executives are compensated with a baseline salary and an array of short- and long-term bonuses. Companies pay them accordingly for the demands of an upper management position. Bonuses can make up a significant part of some executives’ compensation packages. These bonuses may include:

  • Signing bonuses are a bonus that is guaranteed to an executive when they have signed their job offer.
  • Bonuses: Guaranteed: An executive is contractually entitled to receive additional compensation if the company meets its goal.
  • A discretionary Bonus is a bonus awarded when the executive meets specific job performance metrics and goals.
  • Retention bonuses are a form of compensation often presented to employees before large company transitions, such as when the company is undergoing a merger or acquisition.

The NY Law Firm of El-Hag & Associates, P.C., offers experienced legal representation for executives with compensation issues and those executives who have been wrongfully terminated from their job.

A severance package guarantees executives a gentle landing when they leave a company. These packages are often referred to as gold parachutes because they make these agreements less risky for executives.

These agreements can fluctuate in many ways, one of which would be a severance package. An unsatisfactory severance agreement or issues with a new company’s policies might give you legal recourse for a faulty termination.

Involuntary Separation

If an executive is terminated without cause, they will get severance. But if they are involuntarily terminated with cause, there will be no severance.

According to employment agreements, a conviction of a crime such as financial fraud is cause for termination. Still, poor performance or violation of the company code of ethics can also be a cause.

Executive Retirement Benefits and Deferred Compensation

The most common deferred Executive compensation plans are 401(k)s and IRAs. Some executives can participate in non-qualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plans.
You can keep your money in a non-qualified plan for an extended time, accessible before retirement — unlike a 401(k) or ERISA-regulated plan that gets taxed.
Those participating in an NQD can defer taxes on their compensation until the deferred compensation is paid out. For example, income earned on investments could accrue interest and dividends before the deferral is even paid out.

As deferred compensation is not yet paid out, it is high risk because the employer could cease to exist or go bankrupt.

Expertise in Employee Stock and Equity Compensation

  • Stock packages often constitute a significant component of executive compensation.
  • Restricted shares are often awarded to executives as part of their compensation package. They are forfeited if you leave the company before they’ve vested.
  • Performance stocks are shares awarded to executives who meet or exceed specific performance goals.
  • Stock Options provide company shares at a price set during a period. The value generally increases as organizational performance improves.When employees sign equity compensation agreements, it is essential to be clear on the terms of the employment agreement. Equity can make up a large portion of their total compensation. Knowing that in advance will help determine how much they should be paid.Executive Compensation Lawyers NY | Learn about benefits

    Executive perks are awarded to executives who, through their work, have special privileges that others do not. These include the ability to work from home or flexible hours to receive a company vehicle, parking near work, and flying in a private airplane.

    New regulations make it essential to be transparent about the perks which are a part of an executive’s compensation package.

Case Results


recovered $160,000 in severance pay and left work on his own terms.


recovered $60,000 when her employer denied her leave for her disabled child (3 years pay)!


recovered $50,000 for losing his job after his boss made racists comments!


recovered $25,000 in unpaid overtime because her boss incorrectly treated her as not entitled to overtime under the law as a salaried office worker.



recovered $45,000 as a deli worker because he worked more than 40 hours a week without overtime pay. The boss paid him off the books without paying him any overtime and we recovered an extra $10,000 in penalties.

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Client Reviews

Kinney Glass
Kinney Glass
June 10, 2022
I was discouraged by other firms who told me it wasn’t worth effort. After the first time speaking with Jordan El-Hag I decided to place my faith in him. He was patient and meticulous. Always keeping me up to date with the case. When curveballs would come my way the team would reassure me not to worry. I will recommend everyone I know to El Hag and Associates.
Justina Peets
Justina Peets
June 2, 2022
Jordan and his staff was so professional, and on top of my case, they updated me throughout the process the whole way through! If i ever need a lawyer again i will be calling Jordan without a second thought.
January 12, 2022
I was discouraged by other firms who told me it wasn’t worth the cost or effort. After talking with Jordan El-Hag I decided to place my faith in him. He was patient and meticulous. I’m very grateful for the work he has done.
George J
George J
December 3, 2021
Had the opportunity to work with Jordan recently on a very complex issue. Jordan was very patient as I shared a significant amount of information. After asking some clarifying questions Jordon was able to quickly offer a recommended solution. Highly recommend!
August 28, 2021
I had a pending Labor Case for a long time, Mr. Jordan with his great team of Profesionals managed to solve my case. The took care of everything achieving the benefit in my favor. Undoubtedly recommended.
Angelica Webber
Angelica Webber
August 18, 2021
El abogado Jordan es muy bueno en negociar. Recupera dinero de salarios y de horas extras sin incurrrir en tanto gasto judicial. Super recomendadisimo.
Jeffrey Medina
Jeffrey Medina
July 20, 2021
Very responsive and knowledgeable. Great guy who is willing to help no matter how big or small the issue or question.
Matthew Zekanovic
Matthew Zekanovic
July 17, 2021
Jordan and his team are the best at what they do. His professionalism is nothing but superior and made the whole process easy and stress free. There wasn't a single objective that he couldn't overcome. Jordan was nothing but honest, transparent, and easy to work with. Never at one point did I feel he wasn't trustworthy. He guided me in the right direction to achieve the best possible outcome, and succeeded. I wouldn't recommend anyone else but El-Hag & Associates!

Why clients prefer El-Hag Law

Millions in unpaid wages on behalf of individual clients

Although we have litigated class action lawsuits, nothing makes us happier than handing an individual a check for tens of thousands of dollars. It’s a life-changing experience for most of our clients. That is why we focus on helping the most underserved people and take on the most challenging to win cases. We know how to win these cases and are not afraid to fight on our clients' behalf.

Experience representing employees on an individual or class action basis

Did you know that you could end up receiving less as being part of a class-action lawsuit instead of litigating your case individually? We have handled numerous cases where there are multiple clients, and we know when it would benefit our clients to be part of a class action or not. Generally, class actions benefit the lawyers more than the clients, and we will never put our interest before yours. We always keep our current clients' interests at the forefront of our decisions. Because we have experience handling class action lawsuits and individual lawsuits, we can help you make the right decision for your case.

Will take your case to trial if necessary

The truth is that most lawsuits settle. Many attorneys have no experience going to trial. However, we will. And because we will bring it to trial, we can get better settlements for our clients because other firms know we will go the distance.

Your case is handled by the same person from start to finish

How would you like it if the person who handles your trial is not the person who had all the experience of putting your case together from the beginning? Some law firms will have different people working on different parts of the case to make the firm more efficient. However, in the process, things can fall through the cracks. Not with us. One person handles your case from start to finish, so the representative is personally familiar with all people and facts.

There is an art to winning a lawsuit. How can a person know how a witness will behave at trial if they had no interaction with the witness before the trial date? It's impossible to be effective. These are the kinds of things most people do not know to ask when they are evaluating lawyers. But because we need to win your case to get paid, we make sure that your case does not fall through the cracks.

We care about you and your case

We don't nickel and dime clients for 1-minute phone calls. We put in the time to build relationships and educate our clients. We know this is a scary process for most people. Every client who has walked through our door has never been in a lawsuit before. We want to make sure you are comfortable and educated on what is going on with your case. We provide you with the right information to make educated decisions about your case. It takes time to build strong relationships, and we are happy to put in the time for you.

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