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Client Reviews

Kinney Glass
Kinney Glass
June 10, 2022
I was discouraged by other firms who told me it wasn’t worth effort. After the first time speaking with Jordan El-Hag I decided to place my faith in him. He was patient and meticulous. Always keeping me up to date with the case. When curveballs would come my way the team would reassure me not to worry. I will recommend everyone I know to El Hag and Associates.
Justina Peets
Justina Peets
June 2, 2022
Jordan and his staff was so professional, and on top of my case, they updated me throughout the process the whole way through! If i ever need a lawyer again i will be calling Jordan without a second thought.
January 12, 2022
I was discouraged by other firms who told me it wasn’t worth the cost or effort. After talking with Jordan El-Hag I decided to place my faith in him. He was patient and meticulous. I’m very grateful for the work he has done.
George J
George J
December 3, 2021
Had the opportunity to work with Jordan recently on a very complex issue. Jordan was very patient as I shared a significant amount of information. After asking some clarifying questions Jordon was able to quickly offer a recommended solution. Highly recommend!
August 28, 2021
I had a pending Labor Case for a long time, Mr. Jordan with his great team of Profesionals managed to solve my case. The took care of everything achieving the benefit in my favor. Undoubtedly recommended.
Angelica Webber
Angelica Webber
August 18, 2021
El abogado Jordan es muy bueno en negociar. Recupera dinero de salarios y de horas extras sin incurrrir en tanto gasto judicial. Super recomendadisimo.
Jeffrey Medina
Jeffrey Medina
July 20, 2021
Very responsive and knowledgeable. Great guy who is willing to help no matter how big or small the issue or question.
Matthew Zekanovic
Matthew Zekanovic
July 17, 2021
Jordan and his team are the best at what they do. His professionalism is nothing but superior and made the whole process easy and stress free. There wasn't a single objective that he couldn't overcome. Jordan was nothing but honest, transparent, and easy to work with. Never at one point did I feel he wasn't trustworthy. He guided me in the right direction to achieve the best possible outcome, and succeeded. I wouldn't recommend anyone else but El-Hag & Associates!

About El-Hag & Associates, P.C

NY Immigration Attorney

As El-Hag & Associates grows, his vision is to provide much more than legal services. His vision is to provide working families with a trusted resource for all areas of the hard-working people around the world. He has a passion for assisting the Latin American community in the United States and Abroad. And has fought for the immigrant community since he started advocating for them when he began his career over 20 years ago.

Why work with El-Hag & Associates, PC

Most immigrants working in the united states have little understanding of their rights. If you are in the united states and in need of immigration services, your immigration status is one of many problems you are probably experiencing. In fact, most immigrant families and individuals do not even realize that they have had their rights violated and are potentially owed money. And many are to afraid to take action because they feel that the government will target them for moving defending themselves. However, that is not the case.

El-Hag & Associates is a firm that many immigration firms cannot. We have been advocating and fighting for undocumented workers and the immigrant community for decades. Not only by focusing on immigration, but also fighting for their rights in the workplace and against businesses that try to take advantage of hard working people trying to make a living in the United States.

We are the firm people go to when they want more than just legal advise. They come to us as advisors to help them live their best lives in America. With relationships to labor union, politicians, and other resources that can provide assistance to hard working people, you will know that El-Hag & Associates will always be there for you. Not only during your case, but for as long as you need us.

How you should proceed when
you have an immigration issue?

wrongful termination

When asking this question, you need to identify where you are in the immigration process. There are generally two categories:

  • People who are in the united states lawfully, but temporarily who wish to change their status to a more permanent status.
  • People who want to come into the united states from abroad and are seeking to apply for a permanent or temporary visa;
  • People who are in the united states who have either overstayed a lawful visa or entered the United States unlawfully.

Believe it or not, every one of these categories has immigration solutions available to them, that you need to explore. No matter what your circumstances, the first thing you should do is establish a relationship with an immigration law firm that you trust. The immigration field is filled with people with lawyers that work alone and might lose track of your case if they have a personal crisis or are irresponsible, notorious who are people that give “consulting services” but are not immigration lawyers, and then there are established reputable law firms.

When seeking wise counsel, you want to find a firm that is established, responsive, and most of all trustworthy. You need to be comfortable with who every you select to work with.

The next thing to realize, is that its important to have an ongoing relationship with the law firm because even though you may not have a path to a solution, something could happen in the future that would make you eligible for a visa or other lawful status. For example, you might be in the US unlawfully, but then become a victim of a qualifying crime to obtain a U-Visa, or you get married to a US citizen, or some other qualifying event. So, when circumstances change, you should have someone you could contact to learn if you can solve your immigration problems.

The next thing you should do, is invest in a consultation. Unfortunately, immigration law is one area of law that has to be paid for. Unlike some of our other practice areas where we get paid when we win lawsuits, we cannot make the government pay us for our representation of you.

We all struggle to pay our bills and work hard for our money, but the one area you need to invest in is the right to build a safe life in America. For many individuals with immigration problems, they have two choices: (1) work off the books in low paying jobs and hope that they do not end up in deportation proceedings, or (2) decide to find a path forward to lawful residency or even citizen ship. For some, the unfortunate truth is there is no path forward, but there are many avenues available to explore. For others who are simply trying to come into the United states its not as complicated process.

But no matter what, you should invest in educating yourself on the options available to you, and take the time to get to know the firm you are going to work with on your immigration journey.

What is the process?

Every immigration application is different, however most of our processes follow this general pattern:
  • Call and speak to an intake specialist who will gather your information for a preliminary review by the attorney;
  • The attorney will initially review the information with the intake specialist to give a preliminary overview to you so we can let you decide if you would like to set up a paid consultation;
  • If you choose to move forward with a paid consultation, the lawyer will meet you and do a deep investigation and review all of your information;
  • The lawyer will analyze and review potential paths forward, and we will put together a proposal and pricing plan;
  • We will review the proposal and pricing plan with you, and you can decide to move forward.
  • If you move forward, we will start compiling the application process right away, and we will take you all the way through the application process until we achieve our outcome. The process all depends on which visa option is available to you.

How long will the process take?

The truth is, no one knows exactly how long the process can take. The length is unknown because it depends on how efficient the government is processing your case. The more applications filed, the longer the process can take. It also depends on the current politicians in control of the government. Immigration law is always changing because it is a very political issue.

However, that should not discourage you. The reality is, while your application is pending, we can help most applicants to secure tax id numbers, work authorizations, and protections to enable you to work in the united states while your application is pending. Therefore, even if you are anxious to get the process complete, you should remain calm and let the process unfold.

Immigration scams to watch out for

Many people are not aware, but there are many ways that immigration firms and notorious might be offering you a deal that is too good to be true.

wrongful termination

Free consultation firms

Lawyers need to get paid. And many times just to get clients in the door, lawyer will offer “free consultations”. However, what you do not know is that the lawyers will make it up by overcharging you for the services once you sign the contract. So you are going to get charged one way or another, and you also might not be able to trust that the law firm is not just telling you that you have a potential case, even though you probably won’t succeed.

Firms that charge flat fees

There are firms that charge a flat fee. They will tell you, they will do all the work and you do not have to worry about being overcharged. However, what they will not tell you is that depending on the type of immigration application, your case might finish at a very early stage, but you might actually end up paying as if the case finished at a later stage. So the lawfirm is charging you money for work that actually was not required.

Another unethical practice is that the law firms might charge different clients different amounts based on what they can convince them to pay. So, maybe you are charged a higher price to make up for someone being charged a lower price than you. Instead, the firms do not have a set fee for everyone. And, generally you will never know how these firms determine their prices.

wrongful termination
wrongful termination

Super low-cost firms

In anywhere in the world, you get what you pay for. A lawyer’s services are based on the time they work. When a person selling a service does so for very little money, there is a reason. Generally, the more busy someone is, its because they have quality service that people want. So, there is no “bargain service”. You are paying for someone’s time who does not have much work. And there is probably a reason for that. So, if you are price shopping, and you feel you found someone who is a bargain, you should do your best to make sure you will get quality service.

Notorious and consultants

There are many people who operate in immigrant communities who are not lawyers. They are just people who read instructions on how to put an application together. They will fill it out for you, and then you sign and submit the form. They cannot represent you in an interview or in court. They cannot handle an appeal if needed, and many times they do not even know how to properly fill out a form, or to
wrongful termination



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How can you work with us?

Simple, contact our intake specialist or submit a form and speak to our intake specialist for free. We have a different payment method. We have a pay as you go system. If we can complete your process without having to go the entire way, then you do not pay us the full amount of the services flat fee. All our fees are fixed for each client, and all of our clients are treated with the same compassion and care as all others.

Our goal is to get your case done with the minimal amount of work needed while providing the highest quality of work every step of the way.

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