Wrongful Termination

Did your boss fire you and you feel the reasons were unfair? People generally refer to this situation as “wrongful termination”. But the reality is that there is no lawsuit for situations where you lost your job for minor infractions. The only times where a termination is “wrongful” or unlawful is in the following situations:

1)  Discrimination. If you lost your job because your boss discriminated against you, then you have a lawsuit for DISCRIMINATION, not wrongful termination. The discriminatory action was being terminated. If you want to research more about discrimination, then visit El-Hag & Associates, P.C discrimination lawyers web page here:

2) Retaliation. If your boss fired you because you complained about your boss breaking the law, then you most likely have a RETALIATION lawsuit. You must fie a retaliation lawsuit under the type of law you were complaining about. There are several employment laws under which you can bring a retaliation lawsuit. To learn more, you can visit El-Hag & Associates, P.C retaliation lawyers web page here:

3) Breach of contract. If you had an individual employment contract that protected you, and you were fired before the contract expired, then you may have a lawsuit for breach of contract.

How can I protect myself against wrongful termination in the workplace?

Unfortunately, most employees who lose their jobs believe it was wrongful because the situation just wasn’t fair. For example, when someone comes in late one or two times because the bus line was running late, and the boss fires you for these two minor infractions. But under the law, you are an at-will employee and your boss would be allowed to terminate your employment for this. The only way to give yourself the best protection is to form a union where you work, and you need to form the union before you are fired from your job, not after. You can learn more about it at El-Hag & Associates, P.C Labor Lawyers web page here:

If you lost your job, and you want to determine if your boss broke the law, contact us today for a free evaluation.