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El-Hag & Associates, P.C is a labor & employment law firm that fights for employees, workers, and freelancers who are owed unpaid sales commissions or are the victims of sales commission theft.  Often workers are not familiar with Federal, State, and Local Laws, relating to t   payment of commissions. Because of this they often do not realize that they may be owed sales commission due to commission payment miscalculations or other errors.  Some employees know that they are victims of employer theft of their sales commissions but don't know how to go about getting their money, or are otherwise intimidated by their employer from justifiably getting the money they are entitled to and worked so hard to earn.

It is our goal as a sales commission and sales commission theft labor and employment law firm to educate and empower every working person in Westchester County New York, New York City, and the surrounding areas to learn whether they are victims of unpaid work commissions now, or how to protect themselves, so they are never taken advantage of by their employer. We will educate you about your rights at work and create a comprehensive legal strategy, and plan to address your Unpaid Commissions or employer theft of your commissions. We guarantee a relationship of ongoing trust, transparency, and communication. If you feel you have been paid incorrectly, treated unfairly in the workplace, or wrongly terminated, call El-Hag & Associates, P.C- a Westchester New York labor & employment law firm and we will fight for you.

When a New York worker, employee, or freelancer, has earned a sales commission, an employer must pay that person within a specified time. Perhaps you have not received your sales commission payment, which is overdue. Maybe you believe that you weren't paid the proper sales commission amount. Contact an experienced unpaid commissions lawyer at El-Hag & Associates, PC, because you might have an unpaid commission wage claim. You might also have an unpaid wages claim against your workplace if you were not paid for additional work. Learn your legal options and develop a strategy to get the sales commission money you earned.

New York and its localities have laws that regulate sales commissions earned as an employee. To get your unpaid commissions from your employer, you must become more familiar with these labor and employment laws before proposing or accepting an offer.

In NY, you and your employer must sign a commission agreement that specifies how wages, salary, and sales commissions are calculated.
If there is no written and duly signed and executed commissions agreement between the employer and employee, specifying how the employee is compensated, how often your wages and commissions are reconciled, and the terms of separation if you get terminated, as required by New York State law, Courts in NY will generally give more weight to the terms of employment as recollected by the employee, as opposed to that of the employer.If there is an employment agreement relating to the commissions you believe are owed to you by your employer, the court will follow the contract's express language. Because NY employment and labor laws vary from other states, it is advised that you learn your legal options and a legal strategy by consulting with the experienced NY unpaid commissions lawyers at El-Hag & Associates PC.

Sometimes when you work on commission, for example, in a sales position where your pay depends on the number of sales you make, it may not be clear what was already "earned." Because of this, you may have questions or concerns about your commission and whether it is being correctly calculated and paid. At El-Hag & Associates, PC., we can review your employment commission contract or commission agreement, advise you of your legal options, develop a legal strategy, and start a legal claim for unpaid commissions and other wage and employment issues we often find when we investigate unpaid commissions that are due, on your behalf of employees who come to us for a Free No Obligation Legal Consultation.

Lack of commission payments is a frequent problem for sales employees.

  1. If commission payments are delayed, employees may experience financial hardship.
  2. Employers may be liable for failing to pay commissions owed to employees.
  3. Employees can file a complaint with the state labor department if they are not receiving commissions.
  4. common types of commission complaints include not being paid for all sales, not being paid on time, and having deductions taken from commissions
  5. failure to pay commissions can have a significant financial impact on workers, especially if they rely on commissions as their primary source of income

Laws vary from state to state, so it is advisable to consult with a New York unpaid commission lawyer at El-Hag & Associates, P.C. to determine whether your commission agreement and your employer’s actions to comply with the law. Under New York law, a commission agreement must be in writing and signed by both the employer and employee. In the absence of a signed written agreement, courts will favor the terms as recollected by the employee over those of the employer.

The commission agreement must state how wages, salary, and commissions are calculated; if it provides for a recoverable draw, the frequency of reconciliation; and, in the event of termination or resignation, how wages, salary, and commissions will be paid.

Before signing your contract, you should review its terms. In New York, courts generally uphold the express language of the agreement, so it is important to understand what you are signing.

While you may feel you are owed commission on a particular sale, it is possible your commission has not yet been "earned" under your agreement. If you are unclear about any of the provisions of your agreement or are unsure whether you have been properly paid, the commission attorneys at El-Hag & Associates, P.C.  can review your work situation and contract and, where appropriate, bring a lawsuit for unpaid wages on your behalf. Also, under the New York Labor Law, an employee can bring a claim dating back six years. Moreover, even though an employee is paid commissions, they are still likely entitled to overtime pay for all hours over 40 per week. We can review your contract and, where proper, bring a lawsuit for unpaid wages on your behalf. Also, under the New York Labor Law, an employee can bring a claim dating back six years. Moreover, even though some employees are paid commissions, they are still likely entitled to overtime pay for all hours over 40 per week.

Are you an hourly, salaried, or tipped worker?

You might be owed tens of thousands of dollars in lost wages, emotional distress, and other damages and not even know it!

Usually, an employer will withhold your last paycheck or commissions, and make certain deductions from your last paycheck for bogus expenses. Your employer must provide you with your last paycheck on payday immediately following your last day of employment.  And your employer cannot deduct money from your wages without your express authorization and only for benefits provided through the job. Often, the employer feels it is only one paycheck, so it is not enough for an attorney to take the case. Do not feel this way; if your boss does not pay you your last paycheck, you have rights, and El-Hag & Associates, P.C can get you the money you are owed.

Our NY Unpaid Commission Law Firm Will Fight To Get Your Money

If you believe your employer has stolen Commissions from you, our Commission theft lawyers can help you recover what is rightfully yours.

  • No upfront fees or retainers - we get paid only if YOU get paid
  • ​You could get DOUBLE your unpaid wages, including overtime, in penalties and damages
  • ​8 in 10 clients recover tens of thousands, and 2 in 10 can recover life changing amounts.
  • Generally takes 4 - 9 months from start to money-in-your-pocket
  • Our unpaid Commissions lawyers will know how to best collect evidence to prove your case and build a strong argument.
  • Our experienced unpaid commissions and unpaid wages attorneys can negotiate on your behalf to get you the best possible outcome.
  • Our unpaid commission theft lawyers can help you file a claim with the Department of Labor or take your case to court. (Which is unnecessary in most cases)
  • ​Protection from revenge - your boss can’t fire you, change your hours or mess with your work environment due to your Unpaid Commissions or Commission Theft Claim
  • ​You can recover from any company you worked for in the past six years for unpaid commissions
  • We’ll do all the hard work to get you your Money. You just need to give us the details. You (usually) won’t even have to show up
  • You can get your job back or front pay instead of getting your job back so you have money in your pocket while you look for another job.
  • Hiring our experienced NY commission theft law firm gives you the best chance of recovering the commissions and wages that were stolen from you.

Case Results and Testimonials

Case Results & Testimonials

  • James recovered $160,000 in severance pay and left work on his own terms.
  • Katrina recovered $60,000 when her employer denied her leave for her disabled child (3 years pay)!
  • Tony recovered $50,000 for losing his job after his boss made racists comments!
  • Monica recovered $25,000 in unpaid overtime because her boss incorrectly treated her as not entitled to overtime under the law as a salaried office worker.
  • Manuel recovered $45,000 as a deli worker because he worked more than 40 hours a week without overtime pay. The boss paid him off the books without paying him any overtime and we recovered an extra $10,000 in penalties.

Contact us right now for a FREE Unpaid Commissions Consultation. If you don't act fast you can lose your chance to recover!

Do I Have an Unpaid Commissions Case

What are the most common jobs in which commission theft occurs?

  • Personal services providers

    Commission on gross profit, Sales revenue commission, Placement fees, Performance gates:

  • Inside sales people

    Inside sales-people

    ISR – Inbound Sales Rep, LDR – Lead Development Rep, LRR – Lead Response Rep, MQR – Marketing Qualification Rep, MRR – Market Response Rep, SDR – Sales Development Rep, BDR – Business Development Rep, ADR – Account Development Rep


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We send a letter to your company. Many times we can get a settlement negotiated in the beginning without even going to court. You can get your money in as little as two months.


We file the lawsuit, we spend the money, you only have to be involved for a few hours over the course of the lawsuit. 90% of the time, we manage to settle the case, you get paid. 



Finish the lawsuit, you sign some papers and get your check.  

Don’t let your employer keep your hard-earned unpaid commissions money by threatening or scaring you into inaction. Let our unpaid commissions Theft Law Firm Fight for You

  • You can sue any company you worked for in the past six years. It does not have to be a company at which you are currently working.

  • The law protects you. The law prevents retaliation. You can collect unpaid commissions and other lost wages and benefits, penalties, demand your job back, and even demand front pay (money to cover you for the time it would take to find new work.

  • Attorney-Client Privilege- We CANNOT tell anyone about your case unless you ask us to. Your call is 100% confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege.

  • ​Attack only when you’re comfortable. We only move forward when you are ready. There is no pressure to start. You can have your unpaid commisions evaluation, come up with a strategy, collect evidence, and begin when you are ready.

Why You Should Not Wait To Take Action To Get The Commissions Owed To You

There are many reasons why you need to act fast before you lose your chance to collect your unpaid commissions and other wages and benefits that you may be entitled to
  • The Company can go out of business.

  • You can run out of time to bring a lawsuit if you haven't already

  • The company can be sold or transferred

  • Someone else could sue and complicate your chance of collecting your wages

  • The company could file for bankruptcy

  • The owner could die

Client VideoTestimonials

Justina Peets

Justina Peets

3 months ago via Google

Jordan and his staff was so professional, and on top of my case, they updated me throughout the process the whole way through! If i ever need a lawyer again i will be calling Jordan without a second thought.

Matthew Zekanovic

Matthew Zekanovic

a year ago via Google

Jordan and his team are the best at what they do. His professionalism is nothing but superior and made the whole process easy and stress free. There wasn't a single objective that he couldn't overcome. Jordan was nothing but honest, transparent, and easy to work with. Never at one point did I feel he wasn't trustworthy. He guided me in the right direction to achieve the best possible outcome, and succeeded. I wouldn't recommend anyone else but El-Hag & Associates!



a year ago via Google

I hired Jordan to take a look at a recent employment agreement. Unlike other lawyers, it was a pleasure communicating with him. We had an initial phone call and within 2 hours he read the documents, attached notes to specific parts of it and was able to break it down for me in plain English. He has been available for follow up questions without demanding additional pay - which I appreciate. I work in the psychiatry field and have a very good sense for people and their trustworthiness. I will definitely be coming back to Jordan for any future legal advice associated with my business. I also plan to recommend him to colleagues, friends and family. A+ experience!

Jeffrey Medina

Jeffrey Medina

a year ago via Google

Very responsive and knowledgeable. Great guy who is willing to help no matter how big or small the issue or question.

Kinney Glass

Kinney Glass

2 months ago via Google

I was discouraged by other firms who told me it wasn’t worth effort. After the first time speaking with Jordan El-Hag I decided to place my faith in him. He was patient and meticulous. Always keeping me up to date with the case. When curveballs would come my way the team would reassure me not to worry. I will recommend everyone I know to El Hag and Associates.

Why clients prefer El-Hag Law


Company lied by saying employees should not be paid for travel time because they only used the construction headquarters for commuting.


Hired a private detective to video tape the construction yard in the mornings to show that the workday began when employees arrived to work.


We secured for our client one of the largest single-person wage recoveries that the Judge had seen in his career!


Company tried to not pay our client who worked in an office overtime by claiming she was an exempt administrative employee and sales person. 


We got the business owner to lie under oath, and then showed the court the evidence of our client working at the restaurant. Subjecting the company owner to perjury charges.


Our client secured $35,000 and was able to start a restaurant of his own with his family using the settlement money.


Company tried to not pay our client who worked in an office overtime by claiming she was an exempt administrative employee and sales person. 


We threatened to bring a class action lawsuit against the company because they misclassified all the workers in the same position, and we were able to negotiate a premium settlement for our client. 


We secured our client $50,000 and she landed a new job the next week. She was able to buy a new car for commuting and put money into her retirement savings account.


“El-Hag helped me recover $100,000 in unpaid overtime because the time spent traveling was not paid”

Awareness is the first step to stopping wage theft. If any of these scenarios applies to you, then you should call El-Hag & Associates, P.C today. The most important thing is to keep track of the hours you work. Do not rely on your employer to do that for you. It can add up to a significant amount of money.

In Westchester New York, many working men and women living in Yonkers, Mount Vernon and New Rochelle are victims of wage theft. That is why El-Hag & Associates, P.C is a Westchester unpaid wage and unpaid overtime law firm, focusing on employment law in Westchester New York. If you find that you have not been paid properly, contact El-Hag & Associates, P.C today and we can help you get the unpaid wages or unpaid overtime that your boss has not paid you. Make sure you protect your rights and your livelihood.